Calliope Kindergarten is a non-for profit community kindergarten, managed by a volunteer committee.  We pride ourselves on our spacious indoor and outdoor environments, and our commitment to giving children a positive introduction to early education.

Calliope Kindergarten is an inclusive Kindy. We believe all children are entitled to enjoy an early education that nurtures and supports their natural instinct to learn through exploring, investigating, problem solving and negotiating. All of which takes place as children play.  We strongly believe that the education of a child requires a strong partnership between the educator, the child and the child’s family, and also acknowledge the important role of the community in a child’s education.

Calliope Kindergarten are affiliated with Lady Gowrie Community Kindergarten Queensland.

Our Vision

A community of confident, independent, individual, resilient and happy learners.

Our Mission

Inspire and empower learners through quality individual learning experiences.