Fees and Enrolment


The centre’s operating budget must cover staff costs, running costs and provision for the repair of buildings, furniture and teaching equipment. The centre’s budget also includes capital investment for the replacement and upgrading of its buildings and grounds, furniture and equipment.

The Queensland Government contributes (Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme) or approximately half of the centre’s operating expenditure. The other half as well as our capital spending needs comes from fees (and in some cases, fundraising).

Funding is allocated to only 1 (one) centre/service each child attends.

Fees and Levies

Our Term Fees are currently $800 per term. Our service has an EziDebit payment system where families are able to pay their fees off through a direct debit agreement.

As well as term fees (please see below link for more information) our service also has levies. Levies help to cover the cost of employing external contractors if families are unable to help and contribute to the operation of the service. Below is a list of our service’s levies.

PARTICIPATION: 1 job per term. Examples of participation jobs include helping at a working bee, cooking with the children, washing and cutting up of resources. Total of 4 participation jobs per year.

FUNDRAISING: 1 job per semester. Examples of fundraising jobs include helping out at an event, picking up supplies and helping to set up events. Total of 2 fundraising jobs per year.

MOWING: 1 job per year. Families are asked to mow and rake once throughout the year on a weekend that suits them.

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Red Group (Mon – Tues) & Yellow Group (Wed – Fri)
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Blue Group (Mon – Wed) & Green Group (Thurs – Fri)
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Calliope Community Kindergarten Waiting List Application 2022-2027 – Fillable

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