Each year a new Committee is elected from the Association members (Kindy families).
Any financial member is eligible to be nominated for a position on the committee.
In order for our service to continue operating, we must always have executive committee members.
Failure to have these roles filled would mean our association would no longer be able to exist.

The election takes place at the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held in March.

Committee meetings are then held monthly to make decisions on financial, business and social commitments of the service.  Parents are welcome to attend these meetings. 

The Management committee consists of four executive positions which have voting rights: –


As well as the following committee positions:

Fees Treasurer x 2
Fundraising Committee x 4
Publicity Officer
Maintenance Officer
Special Projects Officer
Workplace Health & Safety Officer
Purchasing Co-ordinator

Roles and responsibilities:

Executive Positions (4) Executive positions hold the voting rights:


  • provides leadership to the management committee
  • Liaises with Lady Gowrie and other organisations regarding the day to day running of the kindergarten
  • including affiliation, re-licensing and association paperwork
  • acts as chairperson at meetings 
  • delegates responsibilities 
  • acts as a spokesperson to the public
  • ensures that decisions are made and carried through
  • Liaises with staff, parents and community regarding the management of the kindergarten

Vice President

  • supports the role of the president and adopts the president’s role in their absence
  • accepts the delegation for special projects as required (e.g., marketing and promotion)
  • Helps other members of the committee as directed by the Committee


  • prepares a written agenda for meetings in consultation with the president 
  • records and distributes meeting minutes 
  • records all correspondence in a register 
  • presents correspondence to the meeting & responds to correspondence as agreed by the management committee
  • Maintains service files including policy folders and affiliation paperwork.
  • completes all forms                


  • Responsible for maintaining financial accounts of the service including banking, term deposits, fees, budget etc. 
  • ensures that all accounts are paid
  • responsible for presenting monthly bills for payment and financial summaries at each monthly meeting
  • together with the committee, develops the budget for the following year
  • Prepares and lodges all financial statutory and government returns
  • (e.g. BAS and Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme forms)
  • Prepares staff payroll and maintains payroll and staff records

Non-Executive Positions:

Fees Treasurers
  • Responsible for issuing and collecting fees.
  • liaises with the treasurer/bookkeeper
  • reports to the committee at committee meetings 
  • invoices for term fees
  • follows up all outstanding fees
Fundraising Committee
  • prepares an annual program of fundraising– organising and delegating duties for these functions 
  • may have a subcommittee of two – four members to help with fundraising duties
Maintenance Coordinator
  • organises and co-ordinates working bees and any maintenance of grounds and buildings including minor repair jobs
  • organises tradesmen and pest control when required (pest control 6monthly)
  • co-ordinates mowing and raking rosters and term duties
  • manages volunteers and subcommittee members
  • liaises with the staff on maintenance tasks required
  • should report to the committee at each committee meeting 
Publicity/Newsletter Officer
  • responsible for term newsletters x 4 per year (use items discussed at committee meetings to inform the parents)
  • manage the facebook page – weekly notes, updates, community or kindy information, etc
  • manage and update the Kindergarten Website
  • attends meetings regularly
  • organises any advertising or design work required by the teachers or committee members
Special Projects Officer
  • organises and prepares any applications for funding/grants
  • organises any donated materials and money for special projects
  • co-ordinates the installation or building process for any special projects

Workplace Health and Safety Officer

  • keeps service WH&S records up to date

Child Protection Officer

  • keeps service Child protection information up to date
  • organises our child protection excursion

Purchases Co-ordinator

  • liaises with staff about what toys or books are required for the kindergarten
  • is responsible for the ordering of such items